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RTR Technologies is changing the future of manufacturing by helping manufactures become more efficient, streamlined, and competitive. We are doing this by leveraging our industry leading analytical capabilities in simulation, process analysis, data analysis, and facility layout design. RTR focuses on the full lifecycle of the manufacturing process.

RTR's Capability Areas:

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Are you planning a change to your operations? Are you considering the capital purchase of new equipment? Can you imagine having a way to test that new arrangement of machine before making the purchase or before disrupting your existing operations? RTR can create a virtual model of your manufacturing line. This virtual model provides you with the capability to measure, forecast and perform trade off studies within this virtual simulation to determine the best solution before changing operations in the real world. Simulation studies will also identify inefficiencies in your current operations and show you the ROI of addressing these shortcomings.

Process Analysis

RTR's analyst are trained in conducting in-depth process analysis of your operations. RTR can rapidly analyze your process using industry leading data collection techniques such as on-site time and motion studies, video analysis, and subject matter expert interviews. The results of these studies will be used to identify areas of inefficiencies that can be reengineered to optimize your process leading to reduced costs, less waste, or greater production rates.

Data Analysis

Today's manufacturing operations create a lot of data that could potentially be used to optimize your operations. Possible sources of critical data include real time order data, supply levels, machine operational status, QA/QC data, and operator performance data. The problem is what to do with all this data. How can a company make the best use of this information? RTR has experience dealing with large data sets and analyzing the data to provide insight. RTR analyses your operational data to provide real time insight into your operations. RTR can develop real time dashboards that provide you with an intutive interface to your data and your current operating condition.

Facility Layout Design

Are you moving to a new facility?  Are you expanding your operations by adding a new line? Wouldn't it be nice to see your new layout before your perform your build out?  We can provide you with that view of the future.  RTR can produce 2D and 3D views of your design.  For extra realism RTR can build a visualization of your operations in virtual reality.  These views provide insights into machine clearances, sight lines, material and people movement paths, and safety concerns that are just not possible with a traditional CAD system.

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