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Department Of Homeland Security

RTR has been supporting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the now re-aligned US-Visit Program Office since 2003. Principles in the company have been supporting DHS’s predecessors; Immigrations and Naturalization Services and US Customs, since 1991. RTR's credible and respected technical and subject matter expertise in border inspections operations has been utilized by DHS for measuring the impact of proposed operational improvements, security enhancements, and policy changes on wait time and security in the airport, seaport and land border environments. RTR provides transportation and infrastructure analysis of border facilities designs, both current and future, to predict the impact of change on passenger and vehicle throughput, officer security and capacity.  RTR principals were instrumental in analyzing the impact on wait time at land borders with the implementation of special security requirements imposed immediately after 9-11.  In addition RTR evaluated the resource and budget required to establish what was to become TSA and its impact  the on security and facilitation in the airport departure environment.  Our modelers and industrial engineers have been involved in evaluating all exit solutions proposed or prototyped by US-Visit and CBP since the program was established after 9-11.

RTR modelers have and are developing computerized models and data analysis tools in support of our efforts.  For example RTR modelers developed the Workforce Analysis Model (WAM), SIMPORT and the Border Facilities and Modeling System (BFAMS) of which the SIMPORT and BFAMS are still in use today. Each model progressively improved the process for evaluating traveler wait time and security for CBP given changes in demand, resources and processes at air, sea, and land border ports-of-entry. RTR principals have experience in model data source identification, collection, and validation.  Our analysts and model developers are knowledgeable in simulation model verification and validation (V&V), experiment design and modern software development practice and RTR CBP operations subject matter experts have now visited over 95% of all CONUS and OCONUS airports, seaports and land border ports-of-entry. 



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