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RTR Technologies, LLC (RTR) is a technical services firm organized in Maryland in July 2003. Our company develops, produces and delivers state-of-the-art computerized simulation models for government and industry clients who have management questions related to performance, resource allocation, person and vehicle flow, facilities design capacity, logistics, technology insertion, readiness and budget justification.

RTR also conducts field time and motion studies. We utilize large system data sets to independently measure processes, procedures, and report statistical trends and anomalies. Data is used to build models, 3D visualizations, and simulate events by creating “what if” scenarios to manage and enhance future changes to operations or facilities.

Our team retains deep subject matter expertise in modeling simulation, and analysis (MS&A), software development, air/sea/land border inspection operations and NAVAIR readiness analysis. RTR is rapidly gaining a foothold in manufacturing and healthcare, by developing proprietary, custom built modeling and simulation to analyze operational inefficiencies to optimize process and workflow.

RTR is registered in the federal System for Award Management (SAM).  For a detailed overview of our capabilities and experience in the Federal space click: https://www.gsaadvantage.gov/ref_text/GS10F0226W/GS10F0226W_online.htm






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