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RTR named 2022 Champion of Maryland Manufacturing

RTR Technologies has been named 2022 Innovation Champion of Maryland Manufacturing! Over the last year, RTR has developed innovative custom virtual reality (VR) training tools which brings together virtual and real worlds for hands-on-learning and training for manufactures.

Post pandemic companies are still facing challenges of uncertainties in the job market like telework schedules, staffing, and onboarding just to name a few. When developing these VR applications, RTR had the landscape of the market at the forefront.  RTR began developing training solutions that are a smarter and faster way to grow manufacturing capabilities. Our tools allow employees to train and interact in a social experience that is competitive and engaging at anytime from anywhere.

RTR’s interactive training tools addresses workers productivity, training, quality of manufacturing, and safety. This training is delivered in a stress-free, risk-free, entertainment environment. These tools turn mistakes into learning opportunities while boosting situation awareness and knowledge of protocols. When RTR developed these interactive training applications that are engaging so employees continuously repeat training to measure their results and improve effectiveness.  Additionally, these tools can help manufactures improve knowledge retention and performance, created high learner engagement, shortened the length of training, and provided real-world experience without real-world risk.

RTR’s VR interactive training tools aren’t just for the workers, it provides stakeholders with real-time, data driven, training results that delivers actionable insight into employee’s retention of training.

This tool was also designed to upskill or reskill employees, saving in training cost, reduction in costly errors, increase productively, and provide data driven insight to help stakeholders improve performance and boost their bottom line.

RTR is excited about their forward-thinking VR training tool gaining recognition in the Innovation Champion of Maryland Manufacturing sector. They want to help manufactures harness their training power through best technology with the best learning design in a fun, user-friendly, competitive, risk-free environment.


Inside Amazon's Fulfillment Center

RTR had the opportunity to tour the Amazon fulfillment center and this expedition did not disappoint. The 885,000 sq.ft building uses cutting-edge technology to help speed up their processes. They leverage robotic systems to help with the movement of inventory around the fulfillment center. The combination of advanced technology and 2,000 employees makes this center a huge success.



Putting on the Glitz

RTR Technologies was excited to participate in the Maryland MGMA Putting on the Glitz: Excellence in the Patient Experience annual conference. We had the opportunity to demonstrate and educate healthcare staff in integrated delivery systems, private, academic, and hospital practices on how technology, data analytics, and modeling & simulation can scientifically enhance their operations.

It was enlightening to see how our cutting-edge technology were embraced and valued.  Contact us: To learn more about our Healthcare proprietary methods on predicting your future outcomes while increasing your bottom line!


12th Annual WOW Tasting

RTR had a wonderful time strolling the dock at the 12th Annual WOW tasting. The venues unique one of a kind waterfront location- La Banque de Fleuve Seaplane Base was the ideal setting for networking, eating, wine tasting, and of course cutting edge technology.

This year all eyes focused on NMTC’s meet & greet Robot developed by Advanced Robot Solutions. The Robot delivered messages both visibly & verbally and communicated emails, websites, and social media to spectators.

RTR looks forward to sponsoring next year’s WOW event which supports NMTC’s vision of building STEM educated workforce and helping drive technology and innovation in MD.

What more information about NMTC? Join here: https://nmtc.org/membership/

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